In December 2003, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed to defer the effective date of air quality designations for certain areas of the country that did not meet the 8-hour ozone national ambient air standard (NAAQS). The areas with these deferments, known as Early Action Compacts (EAC), agreed to reduce ground-level ozone pollution earlier than the Clean Air Act (CAA) requires.  The Shreveport-Bossier City area was the only area in Louisiana to execute such an agreement with EPA.

These plans include all the necessary elements of a comprehensive air quality plan, but are tailored to local needs and driven by local decisions.  An EAC is designed to develop and implement control strategies, account for growth, and achieve and maintain the 8-hour ozone standard. This approach offers a more expeditious time line for achieving emission reductions earlier than the EPA's expected 8-hour implementation rulemaking, while providing-fail-safe? provisions for the area to revert to the traditional SIP process if specific milestones are not met.

The principles of the three-party EAC, to be executed by local, state and EPA officials, are:

  • Early planning, implementation, and emission reductions leading to expeditious attainment and maintenance of the 8-hour ozone standard.
  • Local control of the measures to be employed, with broad-based public input.
  • State support to ensure technical integrity of the early action plan.
  • Formal incorporation of the early action plan into the SIP. 

Early Action Compact Progress Reports are due every six months.

Shreveport Area Emission Inventory

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