ERIC and DEQ's Emission Inventory Operations

About the Emissions Inventory Program

The Emissions Inventory Unit of the Air Permits Division is responsible for developing comprehensive criteria and toxic pollutant emissions inventories for the State of Louisiana. The emissions data are used for a variety of planning, regulatory and reporting purposes. The staff works closely with the regulated community, trade groups, and other state and federal agencies to develop and maintain high quality and current emissions data

Regulated point sources of criteria air pollutants must submit an inventory of annual criteria pollutant emissions pursuant to the requirements of LAC 33:III.919.  Detailed annual emissions data are maintained on nearly 1200 point sources going back to 1984, with the number of point sources changing each year.

In 2007, historical emissions data was migrated into a new web-based reporting system called ERIC - Emissions Reporting & Inventory Center.  ERIC's functionality includes a query tool for use by the public.

Helpful Links and Guidance Documents

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - The Emissions Inventory staff developed the Frequently Asked Questions page to provide assistance for those required to report criteria pollutant emissions to the DEQ. The staff welcomes your questions and suggestions for expanding this FAQ file.

Using Online Sources to Determine Coordinates - Guidance is provided on how to capture latitude and longitude information from online sources.

Request for Release From Reporting - Form available to request release from reporting.

Editing the Facility Status in ERIC - Guidance is provided to illustrate how to set the facility status in ERIC..

EPA Source Classification Codes (SCC)  - The full, current list of EPA SCC codes is provided with instructions on how to identify the correct SCC code for your process. (Updated 1/16/2015)

EPA National Emissions Inventory (NEI) - The NEI contains the criteria pollutant emissions inventories for all states and also offers useful information about emission inventory requirements and data.

EPA Emissions Factors Information - Information about and listings of emissions factors provided by EPA.

AIRDATA - Access to Air Pollution Data - AirData is an EPA tool that gives you access to air quality data collected at outdoor monitors across the United States.

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