ERIC Special Notices

General Notices:

Please make sure that you include the Facility AI number with any emails that you send to the staff regarding ERIC.
Please be advised that DEQ servers – including those that maintain the ERIC system -undergo weekly maintenance.  If you are performing ERIC entry between the hours of 10:00 pm on Saturdays until approximately noon on Sundays, make sure to save your work often.  If you are working in ERIC when maintenance is underway, you may lose data!
April 18, 2011 - If you receive an error that says the Total TAP VOC exceeds the Total VOC for an emissions path, follow these steps to find the source of the error:


April 12, 2011 - In order to allow facilities to more easily pass ERIC data validation routines and to improve data accuracy, we have removed the error created when the difference between calculated flow rate and entered flow rate differ by more than 5%.  Users now receive a non-critical warning message instead of the error. DEQ is also working with EPA to resolve this and other issues that arise when we push facility data through the NEI validation process. 
February 14, 2011 - The problems that users were experiencing with ash and sulfur content values while using the spreadsheet have been addressed.  Users will need to download and use the most current spreadsheet to stop receiving the ash/sulfur content errors.  Please note that the spreadsheet cells in this area are formatted for percentages, so values are entered as a decimal (i.e., 20% is entered as .20).  This is different than when entering values on the screen in the web application.  Using the spreadsheet, Excel interprets the typed value and uses its own rules to format it as a percent.  Typing .01 in the spreadsheet cell will result in a value of  1%, being displayed; however, if you start with a leading zero, 0.01 will display a value of 0.01%.
Also note - if the fuel doesn’t have any ash or sulfur content, leave those fields blank.  Do not enter 0.01% as a replacement for 0%.
February 7, 2011 - In order for DEQ's NEI submittal to pass EPA data format requirements and validations, a number of changes to the validations in the ERIC system were required.  This may cause users to encounter data errors that they have not previously seen.  Please refer to the Reporting Year 2010 Guidance documents for specific information regarding these issues.

Some users have also called saying that they are having problems with the spreadsheet - namely that it will not allow them to correct ash and sulfur content errors.  While we work to get this repaired, users can use the web application to make these corrections. 
ERIC startup was delayed to allow completion of data validation and other routine work necessary to ensure that data flow into the EPA's new National Emissions Inventory System would not be adversely impacted.  Refer to the New Validations for Reporting Year 2010 document.
January 25, 2010 - Users with Internet Explorer 8 may experience problems while working in ERIC. For example, the “Download Inventory” link may not work. You can find several options to use to download your inventory in this document: Compatibility with Internet Explorer 8


1.      Check the spreadsheet on the ERIC website that lists VOC TAPs to find which TAPs are VOCs and which are not.
2.      Check to make sure each path for each VOC TAP and the corresponding Total VOC has the same Source ID, Release Point ID, Process ID, and/or Control System ID.
3.      Make sure each path for each TAP VOC and the corresponding Total VOC has the same Emission Type.
4.      Do not truncate the Total VOC tons when converting from pounds to tons.

Contact your parish assigned LDEQ staff member if you are still receiving the error after going through these steps to resolve the error.

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