Helpful Informational Resources  -- American Association of Physicists in Medicine.  A professional organization of medical physicists that specialize in issues related to treatment of cancer with radiation. 

Center for Devices and Radiological Health -- A program within the Food and Drug Administration that addresses the elimination of unnecessary human exposure to radiation emitted from electronic products.

CRCPD -- Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors. A nonprofit professional organization whose primary membership is made up of radiation professionals in state and local government who regulate the use of radiation sources. Other members include individuals with an interest in radiation protection. --Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality

DOE - United States Department of Energy

EPA - United States Environmental Agency - Office of Air and Radiation

HPS - Health Physics Society -- An international professional scientific organization dedicated to promoting the practice of radiation safety.  -- Industrial Radiographer Certification/Renewal (DRC 20)
The Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (GOHSEP) -- Louisiana Department of Homeland Security contains information about emergency and security procedures for civilians and professionals who may be affected by terrorist sponsored threats against the environment.
NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology -- NIST provides a list of service organizations (labortories) that are accredited to process personnel dosimeters used to monitor individual occupational exposure to ionizing radiation. 
NRC - United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
The Radiation Information Network - This site contains information about Radiation and the professions of Radiation Protection. It is hosted by the Idaho State University Health Physics Program and Student Chapter of the Health Physics Society. --This site contains all Louisiana DEQ forms necessary for radiation licensing, radiation machine registration, reciprocity with other states, etc.
Southern States Energy Board -- The Board's mission is to enhance economic development and the quality of life in the South through innovations in energy and environmental programs and technologies.
State Radiation Control Programs. -- An interactive map that allows you to look up other state's radiation control programs.
WIPP -- Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, DOE Carlsbad Field Office -- Facility Operations
New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) WIPP Information Page -- State Regulatory Agency for mixed waste disposal at WIPP
EPA WIPP Program Page -- Federal Regulatory Agency for radioactive waste disposal at WIPP


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