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Form Number

Form Name

DRC 3 Radiation Notice to Employees
DRC 4 Cumulative Occupational Dose History
DRC 5 Occupational Dose History for a Monitoring Period
DRC 6 X Ray Machine Registration Application
DRC 11 Radioactive Material License Application
DRC 13 Schedule of Radioactive Materials / Qualifications
DRC 20 Industrial Radiography Certification Application
DRC 21 Radiation General License Application
DRC 22 X Ray Service Company Application
RAD 14 Radioactive Material License Termination & Location Closure
RAD 40 Radioactive Material License Renewal Application
RAD 41 Reciprocity Form
RAD 42 Radiation Self Inspection Report for General Licenses
RAD 43 X Ray Shielding Review Form & Instructions
RAD 44 Name/Owner Change
RAD 45 Application for Training Services
RPD 34 NORM Disposal in a Well to be Plugged & Abandoned
RPD 35 NORM Temporary Jobsite Notification
RPD 36 NORM Site Notification Form
RPD 37 NORM Waste Manifest
RPD 38 NORM P & A Questionnaire
7037_r03 Addendum to Permit I 1701





  Radioactive Material Academic Licensing Guide
  Radioactive Material Afterloader Guide
  Radioactive Material Eye Applicator Guide
  Radioactive Material Fixed Gauges Guide
  Radioactive Material Gamma Stereotactic Guide
  Radioactive Material Gas Chromatography Guide
  Radioactive Material Industrial Radiography guide
  Radioactive Material In Vitro Guide
  Radioactive Material Laboratory Analysis Guide
  Radioactive Material Medical Guide
  Radioactive Material Mobile Nuclear Medicine Guide
  Radioacti ve Material Mobile Service Companies Guide
  Radioactive Material NORM Specific License Guide
  Radioactive Material Nuclear Pharmacy Guide
  Radioactive Material PET Licensing Guide
  Radioactive Material Portable Gauge Guide
  Radioactive Material Well Logging Guide
  Implementation Manual for Management of NORM in Louisiana  
  NORM Site Release Information Guide



December 2017 2017 Industrial Radiography Exam Schedule
January 2011 Licensed Consultants
November 2013 NORM Specific Licensees
January 2011 Norm General Licensees
January 2011 X Ray Service Companies
January 2012 Radiation Fee Schedule
January 2012 Radiation Regulations (LAC33.XV)     
January 2012 Radiation Regulations Order Form  (2012 and on Regulations available on line only)    
January 2012 Radioactive Waste Disposal Facilities

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