Building Backyard Habitats



Wildlife Habitats in Our Community

Watching Wildlife..........

Did you know that watching wildlife is one of the fastest growing activities in this country? Did you know that you can create a habitat for wildlife right in your own backyard --- whether you have an apartment balcony in the city or a large backyard in the suburbs? Check out the urban restoration links below to learn how you can enhance your backyard, your community, and the planet.

A large portion of Louisiana is covered in wetlands -- wetlands such as coastal marshes, swamps, and large and small river floodplains. Wetlands habitats in Louisiana are found from our coastline all the way to the northern-most parishes of the state. Want to find out more about these vital ecosystems? Learn about estuary systems, river systems, and more in Lessons on the Lake , from the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation.

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