Earth Day Word Puzzle

Unscramble the words to finish the sentences.

INTORNCASVOE means that we use what we have wisely, not wasting anything.

ISAHMCCEL are the substances from which all things are made, including you, your pets, and food.

SUREE is what it is called when we do not throw something away, but put it to work again or another way.

NREYEG use can be reduced, reducing air pollution at the same time.

LAURANT UCRROEESS use can be reduced, reducing air pollution at the same time.

UDEERC the things you buy and use and you will save money and natural resources.

MASTR is what we are when we buy things that have recycled content.

PREAP is made from trees and can be recycled easily.

ULAIMMNU is a recyclable metal used to make soft drink cans.

SLEET is a recyclable mixture of iron and other chemicals used to make cans for vegetables, swing sets, refrigerators, and cars.

SLAGS is the recyclable material from which mayonnaise jars and pickle jars are made.


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