Medical Waste Alert

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mwshbox3.bmp (180790 bytes) Does this look familiar? You might have seen this or something similar to this in a hospital or clinic. It is called medical waste. This bag could contain soiled bandages, blood, blood collection bags, laboratory cultures, tissue, organs, containerized sharps, and more.

Parents and teachers, we urge you to be responsible for educating our children of the dangers of being in contact with medical waste. Tell them what it consists of, and that medical waste is potentially infectious. Many diseases, including but not limited to Hepatitis B and HIV, can be contracted from tampering with and the improper handling of medical waste. So, please take this opportunity to educate the children on this matter.

Bags containing medical waste should not be tampered. In fact, if such waste is found in your area, please contact the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals at (225)568-5181 or the State Police.

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