Financial Reporting Forms


Accounts Payable Forms:


Motor Fuels Forms:



 Waste Tire Forms:



Accident Prevention

§  DEQ Chemical Accident Prevention Registration Form and Instructions  

Air Forms:

§  Miscellaneous Permitting Action Form

§  NOC-1 Name, Owner, Operator Change Form  

 Hazardous Waste Forms

§  Hazardous Waste Manifest/Notification/Reporting  

 Radiation Forms:

§  Radiation Forms, Guides, and Information  

 Solid Waste Forms

§  Updated Solid Waste Forms 

  Stage II Forms

§  Stage II Application to Revise  

 Underground Storage Tanks Forms

§  UST REG-01 - UST Registration Form

§  UST REG-02 – UST Registration of Technical Requirements


 Water Forms:

§  MSGP NOT - Termination of stormwater coverage under the Multi-Sector General Permit, LAR050000.

§  CSW-T – Termination of stormwater coverage under the Construction Stormwater Greater than 5 Acres General Permit, LAR100000.

 §  RFT - Individual and Non-Stormwater General LPDES Permit Request for Termination –CAN NOT BE USED FOR STORMWATER GENERAL PERMIT TERMINATIONS

§  NOC-1 Name, Owner, Operator Change Form  

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