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The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality fully participates and encourages contractor participation in the Hudson Initiative. The State of Louisiana Veteran and Hudson Initiatives are designed to provide additional opportunities for Louisiana-based small entrepreneurships (sometimes referred to as LaVet’s and SE’s respectively) to participate in contracting and procurement with the state. A certified Veteran-Owned and Service-Connected Disabled Veteran-Owned small entrepreneurship (LaVet) and a Louisiana Initiative for Small Entrepreneurships (Hudson Initiative) small entrepreneurship are businesses that have been certified by the Louisiana Department of Economic Development. All eligible vendors are encouraged to become certified. Qualification requirements and online certification are available at

Husdon Initiative

SE Rules Implementing Act 440
SE (Hudson Initiative) Certified Vendors from LaPac - Quick List

Veteran Initiative

Veteran Initiative Rules Implementing ACT 167
LED Veteran Initiative Certification Rules
Veteran Initiative Certified Vendors from LaPAC - Quick List

Contact Financial Services Division at (225) 219-3863 or by email for any problems opening the RFP documents or related postings

For questions regarding specific Request for Proposals (RFP), contact the RFP Coordinator in Part I of the RFP.


3000006528 - Laboratory Auditing - Five (5) Contractors have been tentatively selected

3000007084 - Records Management and Document Imaging Support


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