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Final Closure of RCRA Tank Systems and Ancillary Equipment

Etech Environmental & Safety Solutions, Inc. has been tentatively awarded the contract.

A mandatory site visit will be held on Wednesday August 24th at 10 am CST.  For more information, please see Section 1.4 of the RFP.

*Due to the number of questions received and coordination with multiple entities, the Department anticipates the responses to bidder’s question will be posted the week of September 5th. Due to the delays in posting the Department’s responses, the proposal due date will be revised. An addendum reflecting the new proposal due date will be issued at the same time.

**Update as of 9/8/16 - DEQ is working with city officials on some of the questions received from potential bidders.  We hope to post the responses to the questions very soon.  An addendum will also be issued reflecting a new proposal due date.***

**Update as of 9/9/16 - DEQ will post the responses to the questions, along with an addendum to RFP, Attachment 1, Statement of Work and Attachment 2, Schedule of Prices on Monday, September 12, 2016**

Update 9/12/16 - The following documents are now attached: Addendum 1, DEQ's Response to Proposer's questions, Revised Attachment 1-Statement of Work, Revised Attachment 2-Schedule of Prices,  and Sign-in sheets.  ***New proposal due date is Monday, September 26, 2016.***

Documents Added 9/12/16


Forms (Optional fill-in forms to be used by Proposers):

Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality 602 N. Fifth Street Baton Rouge, LA 70802
Call or e-mail a hotline · Office Address/Phone listing · Locate a DEQ employee
Call 1-866-896-LDEQ or e-mail our Customer Service Center with questions or comments