Asbestos Accreditation and Notification Forms
To Ensure Faster Service:  All Asbestos and Lead Accreditation Applications MUST be accompanied with one front face view 1"x 1¼" photograph for each discipline requested.  Also, a check or money order made out to LDEQ must accompany your application.  Please note, LDEQ does not accept cash.   

AAC-1:  Asbestos Accreditation Form    (08/13/2014)
AAC-1: Applicacion para Acreditacion de Asbestos  (08/13/2014)   
This form is used when applying for all disciplines: Worker, Contractor/Supervisor, Inspector, (Required for schools and state buildings only: Management Planner, Project Designer).


AAC-2 (a):  Asbestos Demolition & Renovation Notification Form  (Revised 10/12/2016)

AAC-2 (a): Instructions:         (Revised 10/12/2016) 

AAC-2 (b): Asbestos Negative Declaration Demolition Notification Form    (Revised 10/12/2016)  

AAC-2 (b): Instructions:         (Revised 10/12/2016) 

Form AAC-2 (a) "Notification of Demolition and Renovation Form and Asbestos Contaminated Debris Form" is used when demolition or renovation involving Regulated Asbestos Containing Material (RACM) occurs.  This form is required prior to a demolition or renovation of a structure that contains asbestos and when applying for an ADVF (Asbestos Disposal Verification Form) which must accompany the asbestos being taken to the Louisiana recognized asbestos landfill (in-sate or out-of-state).

Form AAC-2 (b) "Asbestos Negative Declaration Demolition Notification Form" is used when demolition or renovation involving no Regulated Asbestos Containing Material (RACM) occurs.

AAC-3:   Asbestos Training Provider Recognition Form    (Rev 8/29/13) 

AAC-4:  Asbestos Trainer Recognition Form    (Revised 04/16/2015)

AAC-5:  Asbestos Course Notification Form     (Revised 3/13/12)

AAC-7is: Asbestos Landfill Recognition Form - In State Landfill   (Rev 10/16/15)
AAC-7os: Asbestos Landfill Recognition Form - Out of State Landfills   (Rev 10/16/15)

AAC-8:  Required Elements for Asbestos Management Plan     (Rev 9/21/11)  

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