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The Louisiana Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program is designed to ensure the accuracy, precision, and reliability of the data generated, as well as the use of the department-approved methodologies in the generation of that data. Laboratory data generated by commercial environmental laboratories that are not accredited under these regulations will not be accepted by the department in accordance with LAC 33:I.4501.A.2. Whenever samples are subcontracted to another environmental testing laboratory, the original laboratory shall maintain a verifiable copy the results with a chain of custody. The procedure may not be used to circumvent proper accreditation or any state requirements. The original laboratory is responsible for ensuring that the secondary laboratory used is properly accredited for the scope of testing performed in accordance with LAC 33:I.5307.D.



Accreditation Information:

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Laboratory Scopes of Accreditation  

* - Please note that this list also includes labs with pending accreditation


 The EPA has updated its “Guidelines Establishing Test Procedures for the Analysis of Pollutants Under the Clean Water Act; Analysis and Sampling Procedures”, also known as the “Method Update Rule”.  The new rule was published on May 18, 2012 and will take effect on June 18, 2012.  The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality will implement the Method Update Rule as follows:


1)  Accredited and in-house laboratories submitting data to the Department are expected to take steps to meet the requirements of the Rule; in the case of accredited laboratories, applications to amend the scope of accreditation must be submitted and quality system documents must be revised as needed so that the laboratories will be compliant within a year or by the time of their next biennial assessment (whichever comes first), and

2)  The Department will accept data based on the previous Method Update Rule (2007) up to but not beyond a two year period ending June 18, 2014.


For a copy of the rule, please access this link:


All laboratories or other individuals with questions or seeking accreditation may contact Paul Bergeron, Supervisor, LDEQ Laboratory Accreditation Program at 225-219-3185 or



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    - Fugitive Emission Testers - Fugitive emission testers performing EPA Method 21 only and no other analyses are not required to be accredited by the Louisiana Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program at this time. 

    - LELAP is publishing the laboratory records in the Electronic Data Management System (EDMS). EDMS is the system for LDEQ’s electronic repository of official records that have been created or received by the Department.  Use the AI number of the lab in the above lists to search LDEQ’s Electronic Data Management System (EDMS) to find and review a lab’s current Certificates and Scopes of Accreditation. Data generated  by an accredited lab to be submitted to the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality is limited to the method/parameters listed on their current Scope of Accreditation (follow regulation links below for specific information).  To use EDMS go to EDMS users need to create an account in EDMS if they are not already a registered user. The direct link to EDMS is Once there, users may click on the Create Account link on the left side of the page. LELAP recommends visiting the HELP page on the left side of the screen. It provides helpful information in navigating the system. 


LELAP Presentations 2011 Louisiana Water Environment Association (LWEA)

Lab Accreditation 101




Louisiana Administrative Code (Regulations), EPA :

Title 33 - LELAP regulations are in Part I - Office of the Secretary, Subpart 3, Chapters 45-59 

TNI Standard

National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference 


EPA's August 6, 2010 CWA Methods Update Rule Proposal

The Institute Review -  TNI's quarterly newsletter











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