2010 Permit Applications Received


This report will be posted weekly. Each report will list the applications received during the previous 4 weeks, sorted by parish.  If you have any questions, contact David Ferrand at (225) 219-3284. 

If you would like to receive an electronic copy of the "Permit Applications Received" list by email please contact Chris Mayeux at chris.mayeux@la.gov. Please include your name, contact information, email address  and list as many of the parishes that you are interested in. You should receive these emails monthly.


Through December 26, 2010

Through November 28, 2010

Through October 31, 2010

Through September 26, 2010

Through August 29, 2010

Through July 25, 2010

Through June 27, 2010

Through May 9, 2010

Through April 25, 2010

Through March 28, 2010

Through February 28, 2010

Through January 31, 2010


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