Examples of Cleanup Methods

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  • Bioremediation
Bioremediation is the natural biodegradation of contaminants by micro organisms.  This degradation can be optimized through practices including cultivation and addition of nutrients.

  Bioremediation land treatment unit at Port Allen Marine site in West Baton Rouge Parish
  • Ground Water Pumping and Treatment
Ground Water Pumping and Treatment extracts contaminated ground water and separates the contamination from the water, then destroys the contaminants.  Techniques used to treat ground water include carbon adsorption, air stripping, or biological treatment.


  Ground water pumping station at
Petro Processors Superfund site in
 East Baton Rouge Parish
Ground water treatment unit at
Bayou Bonfouca Superfund site in
 St. Tammany Parish
  • Incineration
Incineration uses high temperatures to volatilize and destroy organic compounds contained in hazardous waste.

Waste incinerator at Bayou Bonfouca Superfund site in
St. Tammany Parish
  • Removal and Disposal
Removal and Disposal is the physically removing contaminated tanks, equipment, soil, water or sludge, and transporting it to an approved hazardous waste disposal facility.

 Tank and sludge removal at
Combustion, Inc. Superfund site in
Livingston Parish  
 Tank and material removal
S & G Drilling Fluids Services site in
Acadia Parish
  • Thermal Desorption
Thermal Desorption uses high temperatures to heat contaminated soil in order to vaporize volatile and semi-volatile organics.  The vaporized organics are subsequently treated in an afterburner.

 Thermal Desorption
Schematic Diagram
 Thermal Desorption unit at
LaRouche Chemical site in
St. John the Baptist Parish
  •  Waste Water Treatment
Waste water treatment removes contaminates from waste water.  Techniques used include physical separation, biological treatment, and chemical treatment.

 Waste water treatment unit
Schematic Diagram
 Waste water treatment unit at
Pearl River Wood Preserving site in
St. Tammany Parish




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