Remediation Web Page Updates

Date update Page or Document Updated Decription of Update
7/25/2016   Delivery Prohibition Process Change      Posted Delivery Prohibition Process change letter to UST home page.
7/21/2016   UST Certified Workers  Posted updated Certified Workers List
 7/20/2016  Certified Workers 2016 Exam schedule  There was a date change to the 2016 certified workers exam schedule
2/19/2016   UST Certified Workers  Posted updated Certified Workers List
2/19/2016   Underground Storage Tank - Newsletters  New UST Newsletter Posted
 2/18/2016  Underground Storage Tank  UST Red Tag List has been updated
 2/17/2016   Ready for Reuse Program   Added site to Ready for Reuse page
1/20/2015   UST Certified Workers  Posted updated Certified Workers List
12/29/2015   UST Certified Workers  Posted Certified Worker 2016 testing schedule
11/13/2015   RECAP Page  Newest revision draft of RECAP will be posted to the web on November 20, 2015.  Note: this is an informal release for review by interested parties and not the final regulatory process.
8/28/2015   Remediation Home   Update Method 5035 FAQs
8/13/2015   Underground Storage Tank  Update REG-01, REG-02, and Final Closure document - contact numbers updated.
7/31/2015   RECAP  Updated RECAP contact list
7/25/2015   Underground Storage Tank  Posted updated list of Certified Workers
7/10/2015   VRP Public Record  Updated the VRP site list for public record
7/10/2015   Underground Storage Tank  All UST forms have been updated with new contact numbers.  Also the UST contact list has been updated
 6/5/3015  Underground Storage Tank  UST Red Tag List has been updated
5/1/2015   Underground Storage Tank  Posted updated list of Continuing Education Courses
4/30/2015   Underground Storage Tank  Posted updated list of Certified Workers
4/24/2015   Ready for Reuse Program  Fixed the broken link to EPA's National Land revitalization Action Agenda
4/24/2015   Remediation Home  Fixed broken links for the following: Useful links - UST Progam, Superfund Site Updates - EPA Region 6 Louisiana NPL Sites with Summaries, and updated the List of Lousiana NPL Sites
4/23/2015  Remediation Annual Reports  Posted the latest Legislative Annual Report for FY 2013-14
4/23/2015   RECAP Links  Added a link for EPA's Pro UCL software
1/30/2015   VRP Public Record  Updated the VRP site list for public record
1/26/2015   LDEQ Home Page  Fixed broken link under land, Underground Storage Tank for certified workers and LUST sites
7/27/2014   VRP Public Record  Updated the VRP site list for public record
 7/27/2014  Ready for Reuse  Added new site Former Metairie Lube Oil Blending Facility
6/32/2014   RECAP  Updated RECAP contact List
5/27/2014   Ready for Reuse      Added new site Timeless Treasures to Ready for Reuse list
 03/19/2014  USTRD Annual Report  Added link to latest USTRD Annual Report for FY 2012-13
01/31/2014   VRP Public Record  Updated the VRP list of sites for public record
01/22/2014   RECAP revision public input  Added link to the RECAP revision slide presentation given on January 21, 2014.  Also added link to the  Domenico DAF calculator
01/14/2014   RECAP revision public input  Updated the RECAP Draft Text link to most updated version
 01/08/2014  RECAP revision public input  Added links: RECAP 2003 vs RECAP 2014 and updated the Appendix B link.
01/06/2014   RECAP revision public input  Added the following draft document for review: RECAP Draft Text; RECAP Text Tables 1-5, RECAP Text Figures 1-9; Appendix G - Table 2 (was updated)
12/19/2013   RECAP revision public input     Added the following draft documents for review: Appendix A; Appendix A - Table  1; Appendix A-Table 2; Appendix B; Appendix C; Appendix E; Appendix F; Appendix H and all H Tables 1-8; Appendix H figures 1 & 2;  Appendix H Groundwater and Soil footnotes 
12/06/2013   RECAP proposed revision presentation     LDEQ will be hosting a Proposed RECAP Revisions presentation on January 21, 2014.  Anyone interested in attending can register for the presentation online by clicking on the updated link on left and filling out the online registration form.  The presentation will take place at LDEQ Headquarters, Galvez Building - Oliver Pollack/Pensacola room beginning at 9:00am and lasting to 11:30 am.
 11/21/2013  RECAP revisions public input The RECAP revisions document is a working document. Updated Appendix D, Appendix G, and Appendix G Table 3 to the most current versions.
10/09/2013   RECAP revisions public input  Added language to clarify that the current  RECAP revision comments is informal during the revision process and there is no deadline to send comments.  We will have a formal comment period once all revisions are completed.
9/12/2013   RECAP revisions public input  

To ensure that The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality's Risk Evaluation/Corrective Action Program (RECAP) regulation is based on the most current science and EPA recommendations, DEQ is asking for interested parties to submit ideas, general comments and/or technical proposals for consideration during the revision of the RECAP regulation. Comments can be emailed to

6/4/2013   VRP Public Record  Updated the VRP list of sites for public record
4/11/2013   Remediation Submittals  Added information (see  on Remediation Submittal page) encouraging data submitters to submit electronic copies of reports.  If you choose to submit an electronic copy you will still need one hard (printed copy) copy of the report along with the electronic submittal but you will not have to print the report in triplicate.
3/6/2013   USTRD Annual Report   Added link to the FY 2011-12 USTRD Annual Legislative Report
2/4/2013   VRP Public Record  Updated the VRP list of sites for public record
 11/15/2012 Target Brownfield Assessment   Updated the Notification Letter and a updated application is posted.
 11/15/2012  Bayou Bonfouca O&M  Revised O&M plan for Bayou Bonfouca Superfund Site
11/15/2012   Madisonville Creosote  Revised O&M plan for Madisonville Cresote Works Site
10/4/2012   Superfund Sites    Updated the Superfund Sites list
 10/4/2012  RECAP FAQs  Updated the groundwater livestock water supply section on page 27.  Update table of recommended Maximum Salt as TSS in Animal Drinking Water
 7/26/2012  RECAP FAQs             In the RECAP FAQs doucment  section on COC question 5. What are the COCs & parameters of concern in Producted Water and Monitoring Considerations removed reference to NORM.  Als corrected the Produced water reference to the regulation.  Produced water is defined in LAC33:IX.I.708B
 7/26/2012  USTRD Annual Report         Added link to the FY 2010-11 Annual Legislative Report
6/14/2012   VRP Site List              Posted updated site list.
6/5/2012   RECAP FAQs               Added section that links you to answer to the question.  Added under Consitiuent of Concern number 5: What are the COCs and parameters of concern in Produced Water and Monitoring Considerations?
 4/25/2012  USTRD Home Page        Added an update to USTRD Work Plan.  Posted 3rd quarter status to plan. 
01/24/12   High Profile Site      Updated the current status on the Bayou Trepagnier Site
 12/8/11  Ready for Reuse  Added new Ready for Reuse determination adn certificate to web page.
 11/24/11  Alphabetical Listing of Remediation Topics  Update many broken links on this page
11/07/2011   VRP Public Record  Updated the VRP list of sites for public record
7/11/2011 Superfund Site list update Update the Superfund site list as of 7/11/2011.  Ruston Foundry has now been deleted from the NPL list
7/8/2011  Remediation Home page added useful link Added a document to the Remediaton home page under useful links Contruction of Geotechnical Boreholes and Groundwatering System Handbook
7/8/2011 Alphabetical Listing of Remediation Topics Added a document to the Alphabetical listing of Remediation Topics page under C.  Contruction of Geotechnical Boreholes and Groundwatering System Handbook
06/09/2011  Marine Shale Processors Information  For questions on Marine Shale Processors added contact information. Added link to Marine Shale PRP Group Cooperative Agreement.
06/09/2011  VRP Public Record  Updated the VRP list of sites for public record
06/06/2011 Bayou Trepagnier Updated current status, added new photo, and added new link
04/15/2011 RECAP FAQ doucment Link to the table H5 soil gas was added on page 4 of FAQ document
04/15/2011  RECAP Information page The table H5 for soil gas referenced in RECAP FAQ was added as a link on the RECAP page.
3/30/2011 Alphabetical listying of Remediation Topics Adding link to the DNR water well database under W.  Two links were added - one to search by parish and a second to search by coordinates.
3/30/2011 Remediation Services Home Web Page Adding link to the DNR water well database under useful links section.  Two links were added - one to search by parish and a second to search by coordinates
 3/25/2011  Alphabetical listing of Remediation Topics  Added link to document Water Well Rules, Regulation, and Standards.
 3/21/2011  RECAP Frequently Asked Questions

 Added Question 12 to Section B Site Investigation: Identification of the Dataset for Calculation of the 95%UCL-AM Concentration (starting on page 6 of document)

Added Question 14 to Section H Additivity; Accounting for Additivity for the Vapor Intrusion(Enclosed Structure) Pathway (starting on page 38 of the document)

3/3/2011 Local Brownfields Contact Information Updated list of contact with new people, phone numbers, and email addresses.
 1/4/2011  RECAP Frequently Asked Questions  Added Question 5 to Section E Constituents of Concern (COC): How should a release of sodium chloride be addressed under RECAP? (starting on page 17 of document)


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