Solid Waste Permit Applications

The Waste Permits Division's (WsPD's) Waste permit application forms are described below.

Pre-application requirements: For all NEW facilities, before submitting the initial application, please ensure that the following have been completed. See LAC 33:VII.513.B, for specifics related to each of these requirements.
  • A capacity evaluation shall be submitted for all newly proposed landfills, at least 90 days prior to submitting the application.
  • Written confirmation from the appropriate municipal or parish governing authority that the facility is in compliance with all existing local zoning and land use restrictions.
  • An emergency response plan shall be filed with the Louisiana State Fire Marshal.  Approval shall be obtained before submission of the permit application.
  • Public notice of the intent to submit an application for a permit shall be published within 45 days prior of the permit application submission.

Modifications:  An application is required for ALL submittals after 11/20/11.   The facilities will be required to complete Sections 1-9 (or Sections 1-8 for Waste Tires) of the application and then only the portions of the application that relate to the modification; it is not necessary to submit the entire application.  We also request that you do not submit blank tabs for attachment that are N/A. It is only necessary to submit the attachments required by the modification. Please note, if the application does not have a place that clearly depicts your requested modification, an attachment can be added to the application that describes the facility’s modification by filling in the blanks left for additional attachments at the end of the checklist.  Please submit all major mods in a 3-ring binder or as loose pages, so that replacement pages may be added at a later date if necessary.

For permits that are technically complete and/or issued prior to 11/19/2011, the modification, once approved,  will become part of the facility’s permit.     

NOTE: If the permit has more than one facility type, please include any sections for each facility type that are not included in the permit application you submit.  For example, if you have a Type I/II Landfill and a Type II Surface Impoundment, then submit the Type I/II Landfill Application and included any applicable sections of the Type I/II Surface Impoundment Application that are not included in the Type I/II Landfill Application. 

Type I/II Landfill -Permit Application Instructions (updated 8/25/14)


Type I/II Surface ImpoundmentPermit Application Instructions (updated 02/03/15)


Type I/II Landfarm - Permit Application Instructions (updated 8/25/14)

Type IA/IIA Processing -Permit Application Instructions (updated 8/25/14)

Type III C/D and/or Woodwaste Landfill-Permit Application Instructions (updated 8/25/14)


Type III Woodwaste Processing and/or Separation -Permit Application Instructions (updated 8/25/14)

  • Type III Woodwaste Processing and/or Separation -Application

Waste Tire Processing - Permit Application Instructions (updated 7/25/12)

Composting Facility-Permit Application Addendum Instructions (updated 7/25/12)

  • Composting Facility-Application Addendum
      • This addendum should be attached to a completed Type IA/Type IIA Processing Permit Application or a Type III Woodwaste Separation and Processing Permit Application. 

Beneficial Use- Application Instructions (Updated 9/9/14)

Best Management Practice Plan (BMP)

    In accordance with LAC 33:VII.301.A., solid wastes are exempt from regulation if they are agricultural-crop residues, aquacultural residues, silvicultural residues, and other agricultural wastes stored, processed, or disposed on the site where the crops are grown or that are stored, processed, or disposed in accordance with a best management practice plan that has been provided to the Office of Environmental Services and approved in writing by the Department of Agriculture, and within the jurisdiction of the Department of Agriculture.

        MOU between LDEQ and LDAF -

Helpful Checklists! 

Please note:  The checklists below will be used by the Department in making the determination for Administrative Completeness.  This is only a tool to assist the applicant in providing all of the essential components of the submittal.  The facility is not required to submit the checklist to the Department.

Please be aware that the Department has consolidated facility name changes, operator changes and/or ownership changes under one set of requirements for all media.  Please utilize the new form ,NOC-1, for these changes to your permits.  To improve our services to you, we welcome all suggestions. If you have any suggestions, questions or need assistance from the Waste Permits Division, please don't hesitate to contact Estuardo Silva, Waste Permits Administrator, at (225)219-3386 or send email to or Jodie Diamond, Waste Permits Supervisor, at (225)219-3045 or send an email to For all other questions, please contact the Customer Service Center toll-free at (866)896-5337.

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