Offshore Oil and Gas Produced Water Discharge Permits

Petition for Judicial Review of the LAG260000 General Permit November 12, 2009

On June 10, 2011 the Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeals remanded the LAG260000 General Permit to LDEQ.  

Court of Appeals First Circuit Decision

Remanded General Permit for Discharges from oil and gas exploration, development and production facilities located within territorial seas of Louisiana (LAG260000)

Oil and Gas Exploration, Development, & Production Facilities Within Territorial Seas Individual Application

Meeting Information

February 23, 2012 Meeting

The LDEQ conducted a stakeholder meeting on February 23, 2012 at 1:30 p.m. at LDEQ headquarters, Galvez Building, Room 1051, 602 N. 5th St. Baton Rouge, LA 70802 to accept input from all stakeholders regarding the protocols and requirements for an evaluation of the effects of produced water discharges on the environment and human health.

Territorial Seas and Produced Water Discharges Presentation for stakeholder meeting held on February 23, 2012 

Click here to view the timeline for issuance of the first LPDES individual permit

Click here to view the map of dischargers in the territorial seas

Click here to view the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Oyster Lease Map


July 19, 2012 Meeting

Based on the input we received on stakeholder availability, we have finalized plans for the 2nd stakeholder meeting for produced water discharges in the Territorial Seas of Louisiana. The meeting will be held on Thursday, July 19, 2012 at LDEQ Headquarters in Room 1051 (same location as before) from 9:30 to 11:30 am.

The Agenda for this meeting will be:

1.       To discuss comments we have received on the minimum study requirements (see revised study requirements )


2.       We will hear any new comments

3.       We will discuss the timeline for issuance of the first LPDES permit that will include the produced water study.

We will seek input from stakeholders on their plans for coordination/performing the study. 

Click here to view the updated timeline for issuance of the first LPDES individual permit

Territorial Seas and Produced Water Discharges Presentation for stakeholder meeting held on July 19, 2012 


Proposed Minimum Study Requirement Information

The LDEQ, Office of Environmental Services is accepting comments on the produced water study minimum requirements for discharges of produced water into territorial seas.  Click here for the proposed study requirements.

Comments can be submitted via personal delivery, U.S. Mail, email or fax.  Comments are due by 4:30 PM on March 23, 2012.  Delivery may be made to the drop-box at 602 North 5th Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70802.  U.S. Mail may be sent to the LDEQ, Water Permits Division, Attn: Jenniffer Sheppard, P.O. Box 4313, Baton Rouge, LA 70821-4313.  Emails may be submitted to and faxes may be sent to 225-219-3309.


Individual LPDES Permit with Final Study Requirements and Propose Study Timeline

LDEQ is pleased to announce that the 1st individual LPDES Permit for Off Shore Oil and Gas facilities with produced water discharges for Breton Sound 53 Production Facility (LA0126250, AI 32659) was issued December 6, 2012, with an effective date of February 1, 2013. This permit includes the final study requirements and may be viewed by clicking on the following link:

The new timeline outlining the milestones for the Industry-Wide Study can be viewed by clicking here.  

Various Produced Water Studies

Barium in Produced Water – Fate and Effects in the Marine Environment

Effects of Produced Water on Bottom Sediment Chemistry

Environmental Impact of Produced Water Discharges in Coastal Louisiana

EPA Definitive Component Report

EPA Executive Summaries

EPA Platform Survey Report

St. Pe Study

Fate and Effects of Drill Fluids and Cutting Discharges in Shallow, Nearshore Waters

Fate and Effects of Produced Water Discharges in Nearshore Marine Waters

Final Report – Risk Assessment for Produced Water Discharges to Louisiana Open Bays

Produced Water Impacts on Louisiana Wetlands

Produced Water Radionuclide Hazard – Risk Assessment Phase I

Produced Waters in Sensitive Coastal Habitats





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