Caney Lake Monitoring Project

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OBJECTIVE: Intensively monitor bacteria levels in Caney Lake to determine support of the Primary Contact Recreation (PCR) (e.g. swimming) and Secondary Contact Recreation (SCR) (e.g. boating and fishing) designated uses.

Press release on meeting between LDEQ and Jackson Parish Watershed District, March 19, 2012

Caney Lake Water Quality Monitoring Plan for Assessment of Primary and Secondary Contact Recreation

 Proposed monitoring sites for Caney Lake intensive bacteria monitoring project. Additional sites to be determined.
Site Number Site Description  Latitude  Longitude
0807 Caney Lake near Chatham (Water Quality Network site) 32.13.30 92.29.18
4261 Cove east of Sandy Ray Drive  32.14.21  92.29.42 
4262 Swimming area of State Park 32.14.59  92.30.53 
4263 Cove west of State Park  32.15.12 92.31.31 
4264 Cove west of Ramsey Road  32.15.46  92.31.60 
4265 Cove west of Hancock Haven Road  32.15.22  92.32.34 
4266 Mid-Lake near LA 4  32.15.43  92.34.24 
4267 Mid-Lake near Hogan Road  32.14.57  92.32.55 
4268 Mid-Lake near Sybwood Road  32.14.27 92.32.03 
4269 Mid-Lake near Betty Ray Drive  32.13.45  92.30.60 

Provisional sample results for the Caney Lake intensive bacteria monitoring project can be obtained through the Caney Lake data access portal.

Based on Louisiana Water Quality Regulations the Primary Contact Recreation criterion of 400 colonies/100 mL applies from May through October. The Secondary Contact Recreation criterion of 2,000 colonies/100 mL applies year-round. Both criteria can be found in the Louisiana Administrative Code at LAC 33:IX.1113.C.5.a. After opening the preceding link, in the table containing document links go to Part IX-Water Quality and open the Word document to the right. In this document look for section 1113.C.5.a to find the applicable criteria. Findings of levels exceeding water quality criteria will be further investigated.

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