Ombudsman Complaint Form

This form is used to file any complaint you may have against the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality or one of its employees. Do not use this form to complain about any other agency or person. For immediate assistance, please call the LDEQ Ombudsman at 225-219-3258. To report problems with air pollution, water pollution, soil contamination, waste disposal, radiation, or activities that may be in violation of environmental laws, please call LDEQ’s Single Point of Contact (SPOC) at 225-219-3640 or 888-763-5424, or submit an Incident Report online at To report an emergency involving hazardous materials, call 911 or your local police or fire department.


 Note: If you wish to remain anonymous, please leave personal information blank. 
Against which LDEQ employee, program, practice or process do you wish to complain?
When did it come to your attention?
What is the decision or matter about which you complain?
What result do you hope to achieve with your complaint?
Have you already contacted the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality in order to resolve the problem?
If so, whom did you contact? When? What happened?
Do you agree that your complaint may be passed on to another authority if the Ombudsman decides that he is not the appropriate person to deal with it?

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