RMP Audit Information

DEQ Chemical Accident Prevention Program is responsible for implementing LAC 33.III.Ch.59 in the state of Louisiana. These regulations incorporate by reference the Federal Risk Management Program (40 CFR Part 68). The Chemical Accident Prevention staff is responsible for overseeing applicability of regulations to facilities, registration of facilities, public outreach, and auditing facilities to ensure full compliance. They also verify that all facilities subject to the Risk Management Program in Louisiana are properly registered with DEQ as required by law.

DEQ Chemical Accident Prevention staff are available to discuss, with the regulated community or any appropriate party, aspects of audit approaches, rule interpretation and audit preperation. Inspectors are in the field 3-4 days each week conducting facility audits.  Please call ahead so that an agreeable time can be established.

For further information concerning RMP regulation interpretation or state auditing, e-mail us at kevin.sweeney@LA.GOV or call DEQ Chemical Accident Prevention Compliance Section--Kevin Sweeney, Environmental Scientist Senior, at 225-219-3637.

Federal Guidance for Auditing Risk Management Plans/Programs under the Clean Air Act 112(r) can be found on EPA's Website. 

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