How can we protect drinking water?

We can protect our drinking water by preventing contamination before it occurs:
1.      Be informed 
Know where your drinking water comes from.  Know what surrounds your drinking water source. Know what substances can contaminate your drinking water source.  Know what actions you can take everyday to prevent drinking water contamination. 
2.      Be observant 
Be aware of activities going on in your community.  Report chemical spills, unusual odors from your water, and suspicious activity around water sources to the appropriate agency or authority.
3.      Be involved 
Take action to prevent contamination in your own home and in your community. 

Participate in local drinking water protection activities.  Contact the Drinking Water Protection Team at 225-219-3510 for information on drinking water protection activities in your area. 

Recycle used oil.

Use and dispose of chemicals properly.

Use pesticides and fertilizers in moderation.

Maintain proper care of your septic tank.


Look for Drinking Water Protection Area signs which mark the boundaries of protection areas.  These are "envionmentally sensitive" areas, as activities occuring in these areas have the potential to affect public drinking water supplies.
  This sign marks the protection area boundary for the City of Rayne, Louisiana


Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality 602 N. Fifth Street Baton Rouge, LA 70802
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