2009 Environmental Leadership Program Awards





2009 Environmental Leadership Program Awards




Louisiana Facilities & Organizations Recognized by LDEQ for Projects Demonstrating Leadership in Pollution Prevention, Environmental Management Systems, and Community Environmental Outreach




CellXion Inc., Bossier City, LA:  Elimination of Water Discharge to the local POTW

CellXion is being awarded an Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) Large Business Achievement Award in Pollution Prevention for reducing the consumption of city potable water and reuse of wastewater in the process of manufacturing concrete for production. Through their reuse program, CellXion will eliminate roughly 25,000 gallons per day from being discharged into the Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW).  All water consumed will be contained and reused in the facility’s Batch Plant to manufacture concrete for production purposes. 


ExxonMobil, Baton Rouge, LA:  Earth Day 2008:  Protecting Tomorrow…Today

ExxonMobil is being awarded an ELP Large Business Recognition Award in Community Environmental Outreach for contributions to Earth Day 2008. ExxonMobil and EXC!TE (ExxonMobil Community Involvement Through Employees) volunteers served more than 207 hours, raised and contributed over $30,000 towards the event, and reached out to approximately 45,000 people to educate the Baton Rouge community on environmental matters. 


Marathon Petroleum Company LLC., Louisiana Refinery Division, Garyville, LA:  Water Permit for Garyville Major Expansion (GME) Project

Marathon is being awarded an ELP Special Recognition Award for Nitrate Reduction.  Marathon Louisiana Refinery Division committed to bringing the GME project online with no increase in permitted effluent limits, while the expanded refinery will be totally self-sufficient for water supply, treatment, and disposal. Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP) modifications include installation of a biological reactor train, consisting of an Induced Gas Flow Unit, a Closed Circuit Cooling Tower, an Advent Integrated System (AIS), Biological Reactor and an Integral Clarifier.  These Biological Reactors have the ability to remove between 85-90% of dissolved nitrates, a common nutrient in treated refinery effluent.  Nutrient (nitrates and phosphates) loading into the Mississippi River has been linked to the hypoxia issue in the Gulf of Mexico.


DuPont Performance Elastomers LLC., LaPlace, LA:  Brine Reduction Project

DuPont is being awarded an ELP Medium Business Achievement Award in Pollution Prevention for implementing operational strategies to reduce the amount of aqueous waste being generated by the site including:  automating operational controls, adjusting effluent rates from an air pollution control device, resizing the effluent valve and installing a ratio controller in the Data Control System to allow for automatic adjustment of the feed rate. The successful implementation of this project will eliminate the disposal of approximately 22 million lbs/yr of aqueous waste using underground injection wells.


Natural Resources Recovery Inc., Baton Rouge, LA:  Emergency Management and Recycling of Woody Debris Generated by Hurricane Gustav

Natural Resources Recovery is being awarded an ELP Small Business Achievement Award in Pollution Prevention for recycle and reuse of over 2 million cubic yards of woody debris generated after Hurricane Gustav, thus avoiding deposal in a landfill.  Natural Resources Recovery’s efforts resulted in the recovery of a total waste stream; 80% of debris was used as bio-fuel, 15% recycled into landscape material, 3% put to beneficial re-use for erosion control, and 2% recaptured as saw logs/pulp wood.


Martin Brothers Inc., Winnsboro, LA:  Reduction of Packaging/Crating Wood Wastes

Martin Brothers is being awarded an ELP Small Business Achievement Award in Pollution Prevention for the reduction of 1,500 lbs of wood crating materials used to ship ice cream equipment overseas in 2008.  Martin Brothers received the International Standards for Phyto-Sanitary Measures (ISPM) 15 International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) Treatment Program certification to be able to package/crate and ship approved wood products overseas and reduce the wood crating waste being created each year through repackaging.  This will create an annual average reduction of 3,500 lbs of wood waste per year.  These savings prevent the disposal of wood by burning or disposal in a landfill. 


Baker Petrolite Corporation – Rayne Blend Plant, Rayne, LA:  Waste Reduction Recycling Program

Baker Petrolite is being awarded an ELP Small Business Achievement Award in Pollution Prevention for implementing a solid and hazardous waste reduction program and sustaining a comprehensive waste recycling initiative. The facility hazardous waste reductions were achieved through the implementation of a solvent distillation system that allowed spent solvent to be re-used in the facility cleaning processes. By implementing this, Baker Petrolite reduced the amount of hazardous waste generated by 21,879 lbs in 2008, a 9.2% reduction and expects a further reduction of more than 18,000 pounds during 2009.  The facility also significantly improved recycling efforts by increasing the amount of waste being recycled by 21%, recycling 551,581 lbs in 2008.  Baker Petrolite reduced their on-site waste accumulation period to less than 20 days, much less than the 90 days allowed by regulations for large quantity generators.  These innovations have all contributed to the facility’s goal of continuous environmental improvements at the plant.


The City of Monroe – Transit System, Monroe, LA

The City of Monroe Transit System is being awarded an ELP Municipality Achievement Award in Pollution Prevention for taking steps to decrease the amount of emissions produced by city vehicles by introduction of biodiesel fuel as an option, purchasing buses with particulate filters, purchasing a hybrid vehicle with a low emission vehicle (LEV) rating, and promoting ridership to decrease the number of automobiles on the road.  The City is using a 20% blend of soybean oil and diesel in 25 buses in the fleet and a 5% blend in four other vehicles. The City also purchased buses with a diesel particulate filter that can eliminate up to 85% of the soot produced by a normal diesel engine.  Through these initiatives, the City hopes to decrease emissions and improve air quality. 


City of Ruston-Department of Water Utilities, Ruston, LA:  North Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade & Expansion project

The City of Ruston is being awarded an ELP Municipality Achievement Award in Pollution Prevention for expansion and upgrades to the city wastewater treatment plant including improvements to the collection, transmission and treatment systems. These changes have resulted in discharge improvements that far exceed regulatory requirements and facilitate better data collection through implementation of a GPS/GIS mapping program. All of the waste sludge generated at the WWTP is pumped to a city-owned Beneficial Use Facility where the sludge is land-applied at the 100 acre hay farm site that is commercially available for non-dairy use, thus eliminating disposal of sludge offsite. City officials also visited each school in the city to discuss and share information about energy conservation for not only water and sewer, but also for electricity use, garbage disposal and other conservation issues.


Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council, Baton Rouge, LA:  Computers for Louisiana’s Kids-Training Kids, Protecting the Environment

The Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council is being awarded an ELP Non-Governmental Organization Achievement Award in Pollution Prevention for outstanding achievements in e-waste reduction and promoting the use of recycled goods by educating corporations, policy-makers and the public concerning e-waste, reducing the stream of e-waste to landfills, and providing recycled computers and equipment to schools, nonprofit organizations, and low income families. Achievements include recycling and reusing over 1,050 tons of electronic material, reaching over 1,000 kids through 75 participating schools with surplus computers through the Computers for Louisiana Kids (CLK) Program, placing 785 refurbished computers into the CLK schools in 2008, teaching children how to rebuild computers and donating to other schools 1,500 refurbished laptop computers: 1,200 were distributed to the New Orleans School System and 300 to low income families and non-profit organizations. The Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council has held electronic collection events in several Louisiana communities collecting close to 80 tons of electronics.


Louisiana Rural Water Association, Kinder, LA

The Louisiana Rural Water Association (LRWA) is being awarded an ELP Non-Governmental Organization Achievement Award in Community Environmental Outreach for providing training and technical assistance to small towns and rural areas on operation and maintenance of water and wastewater systems, energy conservation, water protection, and compliance assistance. More than 2,700 water and wastewater systems benefited from LRWA’s assistance each year.  After Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, LRWA assisted communities and provided support services by transporting generators to communities that needed assistance.  LRWA’s efforts have been instrumental in restoring Louisiana’s rural communities’ vital services after the devastations caused by the recent hurricanes.


St. Margaret Catholic School Science Club, Lake Charles, LA:  Solar Eagle Project

The St. Margaret Catholic School Science Club is being awarded an ELP School Achievement Award in Pollution Prevention for implementing a project to reduce the carbon footprint at their school.  The Science Club monitored the temperature in their classrooms and installed solar screens on the school building to reduce electric usage from air conditioning units.  The students also worked with a local Eagle Scout to raise money to purchase solar panels and have them mounted on the school as an alternative energy source.  Students have implemented other conservation efforts including replacing old equipment in the classroom with Energy Star equipment, resulting in 50% less energy consumption in classrooms; saving energy by unplugging appliances; and monitoring their energy consumption.  All of these efforts allowed the Club to achieve reduction of the carbon footprint at their school.     


Gretna No. 2 Academy for Advanced Studies-Gretna, LA

Gretna No. 2 Academy for Advanced Studies is being awarded an ELP School Recognition Award in Community Environmental Outreach for participating in a coastal restoration project organized by the University of New Orleans.  About 150 students from the first, third and fourth grades participated in exercises describing wetlands and the impacts of storms and hurricanes.  Students successfully built two wetland areas where they planted and cared for over 250 wetland plants including spartina grass, cypress trees, iris plants and beach grass that they monitored weekly.  The students will travel to the spillway to transplant what they have grown, hopefully planting at least 150 plants to help restore the wetlands.


Marylee Orr, Louisiana Environmental Action Network, Baton Rouge, LA

Marylee Orr is being awarded the ELP Environmental Leader Award for her environmental leadership and advocacy work for Louisiana and our nation. Marylee Orr has served as the Executive Director for the Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN) over the last 22 years, transforming the organization into a national environmental advocacy powerhouse.  As the leader of LEAN, Marylee has led the organization in its effort to empower more than one hundred grassroots community organizations, thereby making Louisiana’s communities safer and healthier places to live.  In 2008, the US Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Watch selected Marylee Orr to receive the OMB Watch Public Interest Hall of Fame award.  Also in 2008, Marylee was a runner up for the Conde' Nast Traveler Environmental award.

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