NPS Management Plans

Section 319(b)(1) of the Clean Water Act (CWA) requires the Governor of each State to prepare and submit to the Administrator of USEPA a management program which the State proposes to implement for controlling nonpoint sources (NPS) of pollution and improving navigable waters in the State. Section 319 (b)(2) describes basic elements (A-F) of an approvable NPS Management Program, including:

A.      A description of best management practices (BMPs) to be implemented to reduce NPS pollutants from each category identified in the State as contributing to water quality impairment, taking into account potential impacts on ground water;

B.      A description of management programs (including as appropriate, regulatory or non-regulatory) utilized to achieve implementation of BMPs described in paragraph A;

C.      A schedule of milestones to achieve implementation of BMPs and programs described in paragraphs A and B;

D.      A certification by the Attorney General of the State or Chief Legal Counsel of the State Water Pollution Control Agency of adequate authority to implement paragraphs A, B and C of Section 319(b)(2);

E.       A description of federal and other assistance that will be utilized to implement the state’s NPS Management Program other than assistance provided through Section 319(h) of the CWA;

F.       An identification of other Federal Financial Assistance Programs or development projects the State will review for their affect on water quality and consistency with the State’s NPS Management Program.

The State of Louisiana complied with Section 319(b) (2) and received approval from Administrator of USEPA on November 21, 2012 for the State’s 2012 NPS Management Plan, a copy of which is available here.
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