America Recycles Day

America Recycles Day

Ten Great Ways to Celebrate America

1.       Think before you throw. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

2.       Add new recyclable materials to your home, office, or school recycling program.

3.       Commit to buy and use recycled products at home and at work.

4.       Conduct a Louisiana Recycles Day sales promotion.

5.       Start a compost pile with yard trimmings and food scraps.

6.       Take a youth group to visit a recycling facility or a landfill in your community.

7.       Take your used motor oil and oil filters to one of the many approved collection centers.

8.       Leave grass clippings on the lawn as fertilizer.

9.       Allow a school to consolidate its recyclables with your workplace recycling program.

10.    Conduct a training workshop on recycling or composting.

America Recycles Day Pledge Cards

Every American is invited to begin, enhance or support recycling and "Buy Recycled" efforts. Join other individuals, businesses, schools, and organizations. Sent in a pledge card (pledge on-line at by November 15 and help yourself and your community by recycling and buying products with recycled content.

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