Ascension Parish Youth Learn Chemistry the Fun Way

In November, Ascension Parish youth were invited to the Gonzales Civic Center to meet with their ChemFriends and learn how chemistry works in their lives. DEQ, Southern University and several area industries teamed to provide demonstrations and hands-on opportunities for students to see how chemistry impacts them daily.

Acids and bases, endothermic and exothermic reactions, indicators, polymers, polyols, surfactants, freezing points, and vacuums ruled two days of activities. Flowers that shatter like spun glass and bananas used to drive nails into wood were products of the liquid nitrogen demonstration. Purple cabbage and grape juice were used to test the pH of solutions from around the home. Students watched flat balloons inflate in a vacuum and wrote with disappearing ink. Dozens of times each day distillations, titrations, and polymerizations etched wonder across the faces of students and chaperones.

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