Green Challenge 2000


The Louisiana Green Challenge 2000 is a VOLUNTARY partnership program addressing prevention, recycling and the use of recyclable materials to clean up the environment. The program in many ways parallels the EPA WasteWi$e Program. The CHALLENGE is designed to give small and medium sized businesses (non-industrial) an opportunity to be leaders in the effort to reduce pollution and protect the environment in Louisiana.

LOUISIANA GREEN CHALLENGE 2000 provides you with an opportunity to be a "PREVENTING POLLUTION" leader by simply committing to protect the environment through reduction of solid waste, collection of recyclables and procurement/manufacture of recycled products.

You are invited to join LOUISIANA GREEN CHALLENGE 2000 and become leaders and innovators in this effort.




The EPA WasteWi$e Program offers technical assistance, a hot line and electronic bulletin board, how-to publications, lessons learned from other companies, regular program updates, and encouragement through highlighting successful waste reduction efforts in EPA documents, business magazines, newsletters, and environmental and trade journals.



This voluntary program gives you the opportunity to be a leader in the effort to protect the environment from pollution and waste. Your company will receive the recognition it deserves for taking the challenge and becoming an environmental leader. Green Challenge 2000 participants will be highlighted for successful waste reduction efforts in DEQ documents, business magazines, newsletters, and environmental and trade journals. Participating businesses are encouraged to use the "Challenge" logo in advertising and to display it proudly in the work place. Remember it is not just "you" joining, but your company and the individuals who make up your business family. We will assist you in getting your success story to your peers and the general public. This is your chance to be viewed by peers and customers alike as a pollution prevention leader in your effort to protect and restore the environment.


Participating in the Green Challenge 2000 Program will cost you nothing at all. In fact, it could save you money by reducing your disposal fees. What it may cost initially is a few minutes of your time to examine your current waste collection and disposal procedures. You will want to consider how waste is currently being handled and how it can easily be handled more effectively and efficiently in the future. You may be surprised to find that with a little effort and some minor changes, your waste handling procedure can become an asset to your business. This program is VOLUNTARY and your level of participation is up to you. Make a commitment to become a WasteWi$e member as well, and work to achieve results in waste prevention, recycling, and procurement/manufacture of recycled products. Louisiana Green Challenge 2000 and WasteWi$e go hand in hand. Participating in one can work toward achievements in the other.


Join !!!

Set a goal and work to meet it. Everyone is encouraged to join Louisiana Green Challenge 2000 as well as EPA's WasteWi$e Program. Help prevent pollution by collecting recyclables, buying recycled and recyclable materials and reducing solid waste.

Some practices you may wish to consider:

  • Purchasing supplies in reusable containers
  • Reducing paper consumption through electronic communication and double-sided copies
  • Redesigning your shipping packaging to use less filler material
  • Using biodegradable or biological packing beans
  • Working with vendors to encourage them to use less packaging
  • Using two-way envelopes for billing
  • Using and reusing interoffice memo envelopes


Common recyclables include:
  • White computer paper and printout paper
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Newsprint and magazines
  • High grade paper (i.e. copier paper)
  • Low grade paper (i.e. colored paper)
  • Glass containers, plastic containers, aluminum and steel containers


Some areas in which recycled products are already available:

  • Office and Printing
  • Office Paper
  • Computer Paper
  • Newsprint

Construction Products

  • Dry Wall Insulation
  • Carpeting
  • Paving Materials

Shipping and Receiving

  • Containers and Packaging
  • Pallets

Fleet Management

  • Lubricating Oil
  • Retread Tires


  • Tissue Paper Products
  • Trash Can Liners




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