Recycled Paper Performs

A study conducted by the Government Printing Office and three manufacturers of office equipment yielded findings that conclude that copier paper with 30 percent post-consumer content performs just as well as virgin paper and paper with lower recycled content. The study was coordinated by Recycling at Work, a program of the US Conference of Mayors.

"The study presented by US Conference of Mayors adds validity, once again, to the old argument that performance, together with price and availability, should not be impediments to using recycled content copier paper," said Fran McPoland, the Federal Environmental Executive. Two million sheets of paper were tested on a variety of copiers and printers. The 30 percent recycled content paper jammed in equipment 1.5 to 3.2 times for every 100,000 sheets. 20 percent recycled content paper jammed 2.8 to 2.9 times per 100,000 sheets, and virgin paper jammed 2.9 times per 100,000 sheets.

Federal agencies have been required to buy 30 percent post-consumer content copier paper since January 1, 1999. McPoland congratulated paper companies for meeting the challenge to produce high-quality recycled paper.

More information on suppliers of the 30 percent recycled content paper is available on the web site of the Office of the Federal Environmental Executive at


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