Databases that can be used for SWAP

305b (Water Quality Inventory) DEQ
Airports USGS
Animal Feeding Operations USEPA
Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) NRCS
Injection Wells DNR
Landfills DEQ
Landuse USGS
Oil & Gas Wells DNR
Orphan Oil & Gas Wells DNR
Pesticide Monitoring Wells DAF
Pipeline Crossings - Mississippi River LGS
Public Water Supply System Inventory DHH
RCRA Facilities DEQ
Recharge Potential Map (Soils) DEQ
Remediation Sites (Superfund & IAS) DEQ
TMDL (303d - Impaired Water Bodies) DEQ
Toxic Release Inventory DEQ
Transportation/Line Data (Railroads, Pipelines, Airstrips) USGS
Water Well Registration (PWS Wells) DOTD
Wellhead Protection Program DEQ

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