SPSOC Affecting Ground Water


Higher Risk

  • Abandoned Water Well

  • Above Ground Storage Tank

  • Agriculture Chemical- Formulation/Distribution (pesticide/insecticide)

  • Animal Feed Lots/Dairies (including impoundments)

  • Battery Recyclers

  • Body Shop/Paint Shop

  • CERCLA Site (including impoundments)

  • Chemical Plant (including impoundments)

  • Class V Injection Wells

    • Motor Vehicle Waste Disposal Wells

    • Industrial Waste Disposal Wells

    • Large Capacity Cesspools

  • Dry Cleaner/Laundromat

  • Inactive/Abandoned Site (including impoundments)

  • Major Industrial Site Plume

  • Military Facility (including impoundments)

  • Petroleum (includes bulk plants)

  • Septic System

  • Truck terminal

  • Underground Storage Tank

  • Wood Preserving Plant (including impoundments)

Medium Risk

  • Airport

  • Auto/Boat/Tractor/Small Engine Shop

  • Class I Injection Well (Industrial & Hazardous)

  • Class II Injection Well (Oil & Gas)

  • Class III Injection Well (Mining Salt or Sulphur)

  • Furniture Stripping

  • Inactive Water Well

  • Oil/Gas Well & Associated Drilling Activities (including impoundments)

  • Oil/Gas Tank Battery

  • Oxidation Pond

  • Promiscuous (unpermitted) Dump

  • Railroad Yard - Switching

  • Railroad Yard- Loading and Offloading

  • Railroad Yard- Maintenance

  • Sand/Gravel Pit

  • Sanitary Landfill (active or inactive)

  • Sewer Treatment Plant (including impoundments)

Lower Risk

  • Asphalt Plant

  • Car Wash

  • Cemetery
  • Funeral Home
  • Golf Course

  • Hospital

  • Irrigation Well

  • Lumber Mill

  • Metal Plating/Metal Working

  • Nuclear Plant

  • Paper Mill

  • Pipeline Compressor Stations

  • Plant Nursery

  • Port Facilities

  • Power Plant

  • Printing Shops

  • Salvage Yard

  • Sewer Lift Station

Line Potential Sources of Contamination

Railroads, Pipelines and Sewer Lines, Roads, and Hazardous Waste Transportation Routes are Line Potential Sources of Contamination subject to spills and leaks.  They will be rated based on a pertinent number per square mile in the delineated area as will septic systems. 

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