Assessment Information

Where can I obtain assessment information for my water system? 

Completed assessments were released to the water systems as they were completed.  Contact your water system to arrange a convenient time for you to review the results.  You will also be notified in your annual Consumer Confidence Report if an assessment has been completed for your system.  All assessments were completed by May 2003.   

What if my water system purchases water from another system?

If your system purchases water an assessment has been completed for the seller's water system.  The assessment has been sent to that system and a copy was also sent to your water system.  Contact either your water system or the seller to review the assessment results.  

How will the results be used? 

The source water assessment results can be used to assist local communities in implementing protection measures such as contingency planning, implementation of best management practices, adoption of local ordinances and public education.   A comparative or phase II potential susceptibility analysis was conducted upon completion of all source water assessments to determine a relative risk ranking among all systems.  This resulted in a ranking of all systems relative to one another and allows LDEQ to identify and prioritize the most vulnerable systems for protection activities.   The comparison is based on the sensitivity rating and the vulnerability rating for each well or intake.  All ground water systems were compared relative to one another.  Likewise, all surface water systems were compared with the exception of those using the Mississippi River as a source.  The Mississippi River was handled as a special case, since there are potential sources of contamination unique to the river.  Therefore, systems using the Mississippi river were compared relative to one another only.  The comparative phase II results were sent to all water systems. 

For More Information:

If you have any questions about the source water assessment program, contact the Aquifer Evaluation and Protection Section at (225) 219-3510 or by email at SECTAQEVA@LA.GOV.


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