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Public Hearing / Meeting Information



Difference between Public Hearing and Public Meeting:


Public Hearing
Public Meeting
A public hearing is where comments from the public go into the public record.
A public meeting is more of a discussion between interested parties and comments do not go into the public record.
Some public hearings are required by regulations, while others are granted on a case-by-case basis. 
A public meeting is not required.
A public hearing is not a question-and answer format. 
A public meeting is a question-and-answer format. 
A public hearing is governed by rules
concerning who speaks when and for how long. A public hearing is overseen by a hearing official.
A public meeting is an open discussion with a DEQ moderator to make sure comments stay focused on the proposed permit and that everyone has a chance to ask his or her question. 


 The information on this webpage applies to LDEQ-held public meetings and hearings.  For information on Hazardous Waste public meetings required by LAC 33:V.321.C.2.d, please contact Traci Green at (225) 219-3043.





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