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Solid Waste / Waste Tire Regulations

For the Waste Tire regulations please see Environmental Regulatory Code, Title 33, Part VII, Solid Waste - Subparts 1 & 2, chapter 105, page 123 at the link below.

Recommendations and Requirements for Tire Chips

The following is a partial list of beneficial end uses for tire chips that the department has approved in the past:

  • Tire derived fuel
  • Lightweight backfill in gas venting systems
  • Bulkheads
  • Septic system drain fields
  • Leachate collection systems in new cell construction
  • Ground rubber applications
    • New rubber products
    • Rubber modified asphalt
    • Landscape mulch
    • Athletic/recreational surfaces
    • Rubber modified asphalt and sealants
  • Civil engineering application
  • Tire derived aggregate
    • Drainage aggregate
    • Lightweight fill
    • Landfill leachate collection and removal systems
    • Landfill gas collection systems
    • Septic system drain fields

*Please Note: Each individual beneficial use must be approved by the Department on a case by case basis.


Waste Tire Reports:

  • Waste Tire Transporter List  




 Waste Tire Forms:

  • Waste Tire Generator's Customer Notice 
  • Monthly Waste Tire Fee Report Form   (revised 9/29/2016)
  • Monthly Waste Tire Fee Report Form for National or Consolidated accounts
  • Waste Tire Generator Notification Form  
  • Waste Tire Generator Guidance Supplemental Information
  • Waste Tire One Time Cleanup/Trash Bash Form 
  • Waste Tire Transporter/Transfer Facility Notification Form  (revised 6/30/2016)
  • Waste Tire Transporter/Transfer Facility Guidance Document  (revised 5/6/2016)
  • Waste Tire End-Market Use Project Request Application  (revised 5/6/2016)
  • Waste Tire End-Market Use Project Request Guidance Document   (revised 5/6/2016)
  • Waste Tire High Volume End Use Facility Application   (revised 5/6/2016)
  • Waste Tire High Volume End Use Facility Guidance Document   (revised 5/6/2016)
  • Waste Tire Collection Center Reporting Form   (revised 4/6/2016)
  • Waste Tire Collection Center Log  
  • Waste Tire Collection Center for Roadside Pick Up   
  • Waste Tire Mobile Processor Application Form  (revised 5/6/2016)
  • Waste Tire Mobile Processor Guidance Document  (revised 5/6/2016)
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