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Remediation Division

Remediation Division

P.O. Box 4314

Baton Rouge, La. 70821-4314

Attn:  Estuardo Silva, P. G., Administrator


Division contact information:

Phone: (225) 219-3386

FAX: (225) 219-3398 


The mission of the Remediation Program is to maintain and enhance the environment of the state in order to promote and protect the health, safety and welfare of the people of Louisiana. This program provides an efficient means to develop, implement, and enforce regulations. It also pursues efforts to prevent and to remediate contamination of the environment. This program pursues a unified approach to remediation, simplifies and clarifies the scope of the remedial process, increases protection of human health and the environment by addressing remediation consistently, allows for fast track remediation, where applicable, reduces review time and labor, increases responsiveness to the public and regulatee, and increases accountability.

The Remediation Program meets its mission my performing the following duties: site investigations/evaluation, corrective action, corrective action monitoring, field verification, communication, documentation, training and research.

risk evaluation/corrective action program

Risk Evaluation/Corrective Action Program (RECAP)  

Click (here) to access the 2019 RECAP files.  It is important to note that NO portion of the 2019 RECAP revision can be used to evaluate or support current site management decisions (including the screening standards and MO-1 standards).  The current, promulgated version of the RECAP regulation, RECAP 2003, must be used.




Remediation Submittals

NEW:  Clarification on and Use of FOC data generated by ASTM Method D2974.


Voluntary Remediation Program


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